The Mount Clan

The Mount Clan
Thanksgiving 2008

Friday, January 16, 2009

Conner and Andrew's Birthday

Elaine and I together with their parents planned a fun birthday for our two 14 year old grandsons Conner and Andrew who were born just two days apart on January 13th and 15th. They were delighted that we took them out of school for lunch at their favorite restaurant O’Charley’s. Elaine and I gave the boys fishing poles with a coupon for one lunch and a fishing trip with their grandpa. I plan to take them to Lake Tara where Logan and I caught some fish a few days ago. After a great lunch with the boy’s and their grandparents, parents, plus Jordon and baby Casey, the boys talked us into them skipping for the rest of the school day. All of us went back to the Silva’s so the kids could jump on the trampoline, play computer games, and watch Forest Gump. Fun! Fun! That night we had dinner at the Silva’s and Andrew opened more presents. We finished the night with birthday cake and ice cream. It is so great that Conner and Andrew are best friends as well as cousins.

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