The Mount Clan

The Mount Clan
Thanksgiving 2008

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sleep Over with the Grandsons

Elaine and I hosted a “Sleep Over with the Grandsons” on Friday, February 13, 2009. Our guest list included Conner, Andrew, Jordan, and Dylan. Yes, we were brave enough to invite our three year old grandson with the big boys. Wow, Dylan did great and he fit in just fine. Everyone had a great time. Here is a list of things we did: 1) Played Hot Potato. 2) Jumping over the Dollar Bill. (No one could do that one) 3) Hide and Go Seek with Dylan 4) Played Craps for hours. We all started with 10 pennies each and Jordan was the big winner. Jordan said I was teaching them to gamble. Bad Grandpa!! 5) We watched the movie “Dodge Ball” which caused us to laugh throughout the movie.
During the movie Dylan fell asleep and we then put him to bed. The boys decided to play more craps before going to bed at 12 midnight. Of course, they didn’t go to sleep until 1 pm.
We had such a great time!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Olivia and Mattie Spend the Night at Grandma's and Grandpa's

Grandma and Grandpa had so much fun with Olivia and Mattie when they stayed over night at our house on Sunday, 15 February 2009. They were so good!! They went right to bed excited to sleep in our “Car Bed” together and looked forward the next day’s activities. They woke up to grandma fixing Mickey Mouse pancakes. Grandpa could not believe how much syrup they put on their pancakes.
I asked the girls what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to go fishing and play miniature golf. The plan was approved by Grandma and we were off getting the fishing poles and the golf putters. Then the girls and I took off in our QX56 for Lake Ashley that is only about two miles from our house. This lake is only used for fishing and especially reserved for little girls. Well, we got our poles and bait and went on to the pier and started fishing. It was so cold that we decided not stay very long and we could tell that the fish were in no mood for eating. So off we went to go miniature golfing which was only just one mile away. This is a beautiful littlecourse and the girls showed their Grandpa that they could really play good golf. They had so much fun hitting the balls into the cup. Again, it was so cold that we couldn’t stay long. But, boy did we have a lot of fun fishing and playing golf.
Grandma and Grandpa can’t wait till Mattie and Olivia spend the night with us again!!

Fishing With My Grandsons

Conner, Andrew, Jordan, and I went fishing on a small lake that is owned by Brother and Sister Collins. Brother Collins was so nice to prepare his 14 foot boat with a trolling motor for our fishing pleaser. I am a very experienced ocean fisherman but have little knowledge about freshwater fishing. Brother Collins taught us how to rig up our fishing poles with hooks and weights.
We took off in our boat and within a few minutes Conner hooked up with a nice “Crappy” about 8” long. A few minutes later Grandpa caught another nice “Crappy” and we were off to the races. We fished for about 2 hours and caught eight fish and kept four of them.
Brother Collins taught the boys how to clean the fish which was a lot of fun for them. You know all the blood and guts.
The boys wanted to eat the fish they caught right away. So off we went to the Silva’s house to cook the fish. Grandpa taught the boys how to cook the fish. The real test was how good these fish would taste. I am happy to report that they were delicious. Now, Andrew would never eat fish. However, he did not hesitate to eat the fish he caught and he liked it.
This was a very memorable fishing experience. I really enjoy teaching the boys about fishing and hunting. This was a Grandpa’s dream come true. There is nothing better than spending time with my children and grandchildren enjoying God’s beautiful earth.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trap and Target Shooting In Georgia

It was Saturday, 7 February 2009 and all the boys looked forward to shooting Grandpa’s guns. We all met at Jason's house at 10 am and you could feel the excitement building. Now Ed was very brave because he brought his 8 year old son Logan. We traveled to Brother Sikes 57 acre ranch where he had Trap Shooting equipment and a target range. You should have seen the boys eyes when I pulled out my guns (One 12 gage pump shotgun, one 12 gage automatic shotgun, one 410/22 over and under, pellet riffle, and one World War II 45 Caliber automatic pistol – Also Jason brought his 22 Cal. Target pistol). I also brought enough ammunition to start a small war.
You should have seen Logan’s eyes when he shot the small 410 shotgun. He was very frightened to shot this gun. I helped him with the first shot and after that he did just fine. Trap shooting was very fun. We had a trap shooting contest and Jordan was 5 for 5 and grandpa was 4 for 5. Everyone did a very good job shooting those Clay Targets.
Then we went to the target range to shot the 22’s and the 45 automatic. We setup targets about 50 feet away. Now Conner got the bright idea to take his T-shirt off and use it as a target. We had so much fun shooting at these targets. The WW II 45 Cal. Automatic had a real big kick and large bang to it. I was very pleased with how well everyone did that afternoon. The boys learned a lot about guns and no one got hurt.
We finished the day off by going out to lunch to the Lazy Donkey for lunch. Conner wore the T-shirt with all the bullet holes in the restaurant which gave everyone a big laugh.
Male bonding is great!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Jason and Heidi Mount Family

Our first child Jason Madison Mount married Heidi Brownson in the Los Angles Temple and they have five children named Conner (14Years Old) and Jordan (11 Years Old), Olivia (9 Years Old), Madelynne (6 Years Old) and Casey (1 Month Old). Jason served in the South Carolina Mission. They purchased a beautiful five bedroom with a large basement on a golf course in Carrolton Georgia very close to his Brother Cameron’s and Sister Alison’s families. Jason obtained his BS Degree in Biochemistry at UCSB and a Medical Degree at UCLA. Jason joined a medical partnership as an ER Doctor and practices in several hospitals in the Carrollton Georgia area. Heidi and Jason attended a student ward in Santa Barbara where they meet and feel in love. Heidi is a full time mother and volunteers her time to family, church, and community.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Alison and Ed Silva Family

Our second child Alison Elaine Silva married Ed Silva in the Los Angles Temple and have three children named Andrew (14 Years Old), Madison (10 Years Old), and Logan (8 Years Old). They purchased a beautiful two story five bedroom home in Carrollton Georgia and live very close to Jason’s and Cameron’s families. Ed’s mother Maria has built a lovely one bedroom, living room, dinning room, and kitchen in the Silva’s basement. Alison and Ed graduated from Utah State University with teaching degrees. Ed is a history teacher and football coach at Temple High School. Alison is a full time mother volunteers her time to family, church, and community.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colleen Yvonne Mount

Our third child Colleen Yvonne Mount graduated from Dos Pueblos High School and served a mission in the Dallas Texas Mission. She graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in elementary education and currently is a sixth grade science teacher. Colleen lives in a very nice condo in Valencia California. She is affectionately known as auntie coco to her nieces and nephews and they are thrilled when ever she visits. She does a lot of traveling visiting family and friends.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sharleen and Reagan Curtis Family

Our fourth child Sharleen LaVee Mount Curtis married Reagan Curtis in the Los Angles Temple and they have four children named Michael (8 years old), Jack (5 years old), Charlotte (3 years old), and Samuel (1 years old). They purchased a large four bedroom home in Morgantown West Virginia just a few miles from WVU. Sharleen graduated from Dos Pueblos High School and attended college until she met; feel in love, and married Reagan Curtis. Reagan received his undergraduate and doctorate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is employed as a Professor of Physiology teaching graduate students at the University of West Virginia. Sharleen is a full time mother and raising four beautiful children.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Cameron and Britney Mount Family

Our fifth child Cameron David Mount married Britney Lauren West in the Los Angles Temple and they have two children named Dylan (2 Years Old) and Sydney (9 Months Old). Cameron served in the New York City South Mission. They purchased a five bedroom home with a beautiful basement in Carrolton Georgia very close to his Brother Jason’s and Sister Alison’s families. Cameron graduated from UCLA with a BS and Masters Degree in Socialology specializing in Marriage and Family Counseling. Cameron is employed by Carrollton Hospital Social Services as a counselor to troubled youth. I testify that he is an excellent counselor because he has even helped his old man. Britney received her College Degree from California Lutheran University. Britney is a full time mom and does some part time work from her home.

The Allan and Kattie Mount Family

Our sixth child Allan James Mount married Kattie Nui in the Salt Lake Temple and they have two children named Jackson (2 Years Old) and Hayden (1 Years Old). Both Allan and Kattie served missions in Spain. They purchased a three bedroom condo in Springville Utah very close to Kattie’s Parents. Allan is planning to graduate with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business Management in April 2009. Allan is employed as a T-Mobil Manager and is an excellent salesman and manager. Kattie also is working on her college degree and working for a local hospital.

Michael Curtis Baptism

A big highlight of our trip to WV was Michael's baptism. There was a very large turnout for Michael's baptism. The Bishop, Primary President, Family, and many friends attended. Reagan performed the ordinances; Sharleen gave a talk on Baptism and I talked about the Holy Ghost. It was a very beautiful spiritual day. Michael is growing up to be a very nice boy and we are proud of him and his parents.

Conner and Andrew's Birthday

Elaine and I together with their parents planned a fun birthday for our two 14 year old grandsons Conner and Andrew who were born just two days apart on January 13th and 15th. They were delighted that we took them out of school for lunch at their favorite restaurant O’Charley’s. Elaine and I gave the boys fishing poles with a coupon for one lunch and a fishing trip with their grandpa. I plan to take them to Lake Tara where Logan and I caught some fish a few days ago. After a great lunch with the boy’s and their grandparents, parents, plus Jordon and baby Casey, the boys talked us into them skipping for the rest of the school day. All of us went back to the Silva’s so the kids could jump on the trampoline, play computer games, and watch Forest Gump. Fun! Fun! That night we had dinner at the Silva’s and Andrew opened more presents. We finished the night with birthday cake and ice cream. It is so great that Conner and Andrew are best friends as well as cousins.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fishing With My Nine Year Old Grandson Logan Silva

I picked up Logan last Wednesday from school and took him fishing at Lake Tara near our home. Logan got a new fishing pole for Christmas and wanted to go fishing with his grandpa. The first hour was spent teach Logan how to cast. We didn't get any bits and I wondered what we were doing wrong. Then a retired Japanese man drove up on his motorcycle with fishing poles. I introduce ourselves to him and asked him if he could show us how to fish this lake. What a great guy! He uses a particular bait called "Waxy Worm" and a very small hook. I setup our poles with the worms and hook and we started catching fish right away. We had so much fun. Logan caught four fish and I caught two. It got very cold and late in the day so we said good my to our new friend. Logan took the fish home and asked his mother to cook them even though Logan don't like to eat fish. Logan can't wait to go fish with his grandpa again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jim Has Foot Operation

Three toes on my right foot has been suffering from hammer toes for a few years now. I had an operation to straighten my toes on Friday, 9 January 2009. I will be off my feet for several weeks while I heal.

I am happy to report that I am not suffering too much pain. I will have pins in my toes for the next six weeks.

I believe that we must take care of these medical problems and put these medical problems behind us. We need to manage our health to maximize our quality of life.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jim and Elaine's Georgia Experiment

The Plan

Our plan was to setup a second home in Carrollton Georgia to be with our three children (Jason, Alison, and Cameron)and their families. We plan to live here for approximately six months...up to Allan's BYU graduation in Economics and Business Management in April.

Travel To Georgia

We started our trip to Georgia on the September 2, 2008. There was a lot of packing for our six-month stay in Georgia. We crammed all we could into our QX-56 plus a car top carrier. Our plan was to take our time and enjoy our beautiful country and visit friends and family.

The following are the places and people we visited on our travels:

1) We visited Carla Miller in Mesa Arizona for a few days and went through a session in the Mesa Temple. Carla has a very nice condo and she is enjoying Mesa.

2) We also visited my nephew Jeff and Mary Catherine Biddle and their lovely children. Had a lovely lunch with their family at a local restaurant. Jeff and Mary C are building up Jeff's Law Practice in Family Law.

3) Drove to Sedona and took a 4 hour railroad trip up a beautiful canyon in the Mesa State Park. We just loved it. We stayed overnight in a local hotel.

4) We then toured the City of Sedona. This is such a beautiful city in the middle of a State Forest Park with beautiful mountains and huge boulders. The homes are very expensive adobe homes.

5) Next we traveled for about 5 hours to Albuquerque New Mexico. This is where the Kent Humphery's family lived for several years before moving to Santa Barbara.

6) We then traveled for about 6 hours to Amarillo Texas and attended Church on Sunday.

7) Our next stop was to Elaine's sister Lesley's home in Kiefer Oklahoma. We stayed there for two days then traveled for 6 hours to Branson Missouri with Lesley and her two daughters with their families.

8) Branson Missouri Stay: We stayed in Branson for five days in a very nice time share hotel. This is a very nice town that has several entertainment events each and every day and evening. The shows which we saw: a) Ripley's Believe It Or Not b) Dutton's Variety Show (A Mormon Family) which was excellent c) Family Celebrity Entertainers (Tina Turner, Elvis Presley, Lisa Minnelli, George Strait) d) Shepherd in the Hills which showed life in Georgia in the 1800's. Very Good! e) To conclude our trip we went on a River Paddle Boat named the "The Branson Belle". The dinner and show on this boat was the highlight of our trip. The men went to an antique car show while the girls did some shopping.

It was so nice to spend time with Elaine's sister's family and Elaine's Mother. Their family is a very nice Christian family. We had not seen Elaine's family for years.

9) Elaine and I then traveled about four hours to Memphis Tennessee to visit Graceland and learn more about Elvis Presley and his family. He has a very lovely home that had a very comfortable feel to it. You got the sense that Elvis was a very generous man that loved his family and friends. He could not handle fame and died from too many drugs in his system. It was amazing to us how many trophies and record sales he had received over the years. He died at the young age of 42 years old. We stayed in Memphis for two days.

10) We concluded our trip by traveling 7 hours to our destination of Carrollton Georgia.

Arrival To Our Rental Home in Villa Rica Georgia

Prior to our trip, we rented a home from a member of the church in a gated lake community named "Fairfield Plantation". When we got to our home we found a great big sign on the front door welcoming Grandma and Grandpa to Georgia. Our children had moved some of their old furniture into our home along with several things we had purchased for the home months before. It was so nice to see how the family had worked to get us setup.

Decorating and Furnishing Our Georgia Home

Elaine and I have enjoyed purchasing furniture and decorating our home. We have a beautiful small three bedroom two bath home on a 3/4 acre wooded lot. Our children have given us many household items to help us become comfortable with our new surroundings. We enjoy the squirrels, birds, and beautiful tall trees. It is a blessing for us to live in a gated community with two lakes and a golf course. It truly is "A Great Life".

Georgia Family Events

1) Halloween - All the Georgia grandchildren when trick or treating together in the Oak Mountain Golf neighborhood. We had so much fun driving around in golf carts to all the homes for a couple of hours. Each kid got about 5 pounds of candy.

2) Volleyball For Adults - All of our children played either high school or college volleyball. Our children organized a Carrollton Ward Volleyball Team to compete in the city league. They won the championship by defeating about 10 different teams. They only lost one game the whole year. After each match, they organized a pickup game in which I had the opportunity to play. I had a great time playing with my children.

3) Thanksgiving - We were very blessed to have all our family for Thanksgiving with the exception of Colleen. We had so much fun for a solid week playing games, going to movies, and enjoying many dinners together. Our Thanksgiving meal was at the Carrollton Ward Building. We had a great meal, games, and picture taking.

3) Birthday Party - We celebrated all Curtis children's December birthday's at the park. Hours of fun!

4) Game Night At Jim & Elaines - During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we had a game night at our house.

Christmas at the Curtis Family in West Virgina

Elaine and I had a delightful two weeks at the Curtis home over the Christmas holiday. Some of the activities were Michael's ice hockey games, family ice skating, WV College Basketball Game with Reagan, Pool Game With Reagan, attend Michael's school Christmas program, played in the snow at the park, and enjoyed several rental movies. Christmas day was so much fun with the kids. Colleen was with us for most of our trip in WV.

Michael's Baptism

A big highlight of our trip was Michael's baptism. There was a very large turnout for Michael's baptism. The Bishop, Primary President, Family, and many friends attended. Reagan performed the ordinances; Sharleen gave a talk on Baptism and I talked about the Holy Ghost. It was a very beautiful spiritual day.

Dreams For The Future

We really enjoy living in Georgia and wish the entire Mount Clan could live in the same town. Of course this is impossible. With a large portion of our family living in Georgia, Elaine and I would one day like to own a lake front home with a pontoon boat and water ski boat to entertain our family.