The Mount Clan

The Mount Clan
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sleep Over with the Grandsons

Elaine and I hosted a “Sleep Over with the Grandsons” on Friday, February 13, 2009. Our guest list included Conner, Andrew, Jordan, and Dylan. Yes, we were brave enough to invite our three year old grandson with the big boys. Wow, Dylan did great and he fit in just fine. Everyone had a great time. Here is a list of things we did: 1) Played Hot Potato. 2) Jumping over the Dollar Bill. (No one could do that one) 3) Hide and Go Seek with Dylan 4) Played Craps for hours. We all started with 10 pennies each and Jordan was the big winner. Jordan said I was teaching them to gamble. Bad Grandpa!! 5) We watched the movie “Dodge Ball” which caused us to laugh throughout the movie.
During the movie Dylan fell asleep and we then put him to bed. The boys decided to play more craps before going to bed at 12 midnight. Of course, they didn’t go to sleep until 1 pm.
We had such a great time!!

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  1. Dylan had so much fun, thank you so much for having him. He still tries to jump holding his toes, its funny. You are the best!